I built a new pair of trews this weekend – had them cut out, just needed to stitch them together. Pretty basic pants, but the fabric came from Lolly and were an amazing houndstooth of pink and green. They’re snugger through the leg and down the calf than most of my other pants but the upper part is baggy. And I made the mistake of making a widish band to go from the front down over the crotch and back up the rear, this lead to a lot of weird bunching in the crotchal region.

However, they’re nice and bright, and the wool, while it’s wool, is soft and loosely woven, so we’ll see how they handle in the breeze.

Next time, I’ll follow Girald Cambrensis and make them on the bias, maybe with a ankle loop. The checky should be diamonds, not squares.

Yeah, I’ll update this with a picture sometime.