I asked “the other Conchobro” — “I’m 12th century Ireland, from near Waterford or Wexford (I suppose) – and have a lot of Viking influence. When I google “medieval irish clothing” I always get the leine (brat and/or ionar), from prehistory to 15th century. What time period are you and what is your opinion on 12th century Irish clothes? If I should be wearing a Leine, would you say the sleeves are square or the big scooped ones? I see that it’s solid colors, natural, white, black, green, yellow (but “bright”). How would you decorate it (or how would you decorate whatever Irish clothing looks like to you).”

I do 12th C as well, from the area of Westmeath, dead center in Ireland. I’ve been doing more of the European style, bliauts and Norman style tunics, as well as wool short tunics and trews. Mostly as nobility for court, performance, etc. I’ll check with Liadan as well, I’ve got a couple “Irish” SCA style leines, but they’re not really authentic.[ed note: he’s saying these particulare ones are not authentic, not the SCA style leine] We have a book on historical costuming in Ireland, but only the first 5 pages or so are pre-18th century.

Heartening, since I don’t want to make whole new clothes 🙂 Although I was strarting to groove on the idea of a couple knee length “tunics” I could blouse up a bit.