Left a day early and met B’s folks in Grants Pass. Turns out we had stayed at the Windmill Inn in Roseburg the first year, but we went through to GP to shorten their trip. Ate pizza and italian food at what turned out to be a chain; the wild rivers brewery (or something). It was pretty good. Nan gave us some delicious cookies for the camp, which went over about as well as can be expected. (i.e. extremely well). We stayed at the La Quinta in Grants Pass, and it was “OK.” The breakfast was included, the room was fine (although a little noisy- it’s close to the interstate). The pool was indoors, I’m not sure why I expected it to be outside. Room was about $110.

Note on cost: Dog at doggy care was $200, hotel was $100, cat at vet was $100+75 for shots.

We headed down highway 199 toward Crescent City and stopped to visit the Redwoods. Had a long “discussion” about whether sequoia and redwoods were the same thing. I guess they are (my argument that redwoods were a subset of sequoia was rendered void by the fact that there are no other sets within sequoia that aren’t redwoods). Stopped at the ranger hut where they encouraged us to backtrack to south fork bridge and cross over to visit the Stout Grove. Holy pants. The road was small and twisty as advertised, but the scenery was amazing. We stopped at the river trail, walked half a mile down to the Stout Grove Loop, half a mile around the loop, and back up to the car. Even the teenager who thought she was too grownup for the trip enjoyed herself. I’ve never seen trees that huge, and I’ve seen some monsters (both in Anchorage and in Forest Park). We followed the narrow twisty dirt road (freshly graded) down to Crescent City (it was about 6 miles).

At the war, this year we did not camp with the Cooks. Refr established a Dragons Mist camp and we stayed there with them. Our tent was in the back because it was modern. We were almost to the end of the road, down by the horses and very close to Ed and Ilyria. And Camp Trouble. It was pretty great. We took some classes; I had one on annular brooches and then two hat classes; Dublin caps and Cap of St Brigitta. Both girl hats. Sigh. But they came out ok (need a little more work to make them wearable.) With the Cap of St Brigitta, I left the iron age and headed into the medieval, because I learned how to do a knife pleat.

I saw some great friends; Marian, Aeflaed, Panya to name a few. My first baroness Yseult was laurelled. I missed a few great friends; I didn’t see Lono, and I’m not sure he was there.

One of my favorite memories is watching Miss K make “rocks” with toilet paper and duct tape, then watching a group of the kids defend a castle against some fencers with said rocks. Sir Pembroke both exhorted them (when he was a defender) and annoyed them (when he was the opposition). He was fantastic.

One more year where I didn’t corral a westie group and tell them about Ferdiad and CuChullain and leave them with beer and ointment. I’ve got to find some courage somewhere. 😛