2013-07-13 10.39.25

So Eulalia and I were chatting about how to encourage more appropriate things at events. Well, it started with how to discourage less appropriate things, and we steered it to being able to give a more positive encouragement, hoping that if we were public and loud about being appropriate it’d encourage other people into trying the same thing.

Anyway. We talked about doing personal tokens, and en route to doing that I’m making some pewter molds and casting some tokens. These are good practice for the boar/pig ones I want to do at next year’s grand thing.

Hers is almost ready for testing. I should have done mine first, then hers, then the boar, but I want hers done quickly. It’s the first mold I’ve made from scratch in about 13 years, since we stopped playing. In fact, I think one of my last waterbearing events was one where I handed off a final mold to some recipients.

I’m currently casting a mixture of 95% tin to 5% antimony. This is actually “lead-free fluxless pipe solder.” When I’m done with this, I’ll be buying online, there’s a supplier (rotometals.com) who has one pound ingots for about $20. This post makes me think that flaws and errors in my molds will show up worse when I pour “real pewter.” see “materials” section

I’m using stone from “Ed’s House of Gems.” They’re local, I walk into their store and buy what I need. However, every stone I’ve bought from them (ever) has had little dots of iron and other impurities that make it hard to get a clean mold. After buying one of Sir Pembroke’s molds, I see that I can get better-suited stone, also online, probably from http://pewterersguild.org/Supplies/StonemanDistributors Stoneman Distributors. (The review there is pretty good). Sculpt.com also has soapstone.

Lastly, right now I’m using a cast iron frying pan to melt in, and I can’t get it hot enough on a hot plate, on the grill, on the coleman stove. Well, I can still try it on the stove. I don’t want to use cast iron on the glass kitchen stove. So I may wind up using the firepit. I want either a deeper cast iron pot (a pot, not a pan, and still very small) or a casting furnace like this one: http://www.cabelas.com/product/Hot-Pot-2/743503.uts?