Catherine's Wheel Mold

I’m working on this mold for a Catherine’s Wheel pilgrim badge. I’m aiming it at something I can give any one person for being awesome – inspiring – in any particular way. (see this pos for more information.

At the moment, this mold needs more exhaust tracks (probably out from each tooth on the wheel), and as you can see, that piece along the inflow channel needs to be deeper. The front is also very rough. Also, as hard as I tried to make the spokes line up right, they don’t. Which doesn’t bother me as much as it might.

A friend uses the Catherine Wheel as a personal device, and I also know the Iron Ring people have this on their device, so it’s a pretty common example. My original sketch had a broken wheel, and if my friend prefers, I’d be happy to not fix this so very well, so the badge is actually that of a broken catherine’s wheel.