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So these are nearly done. Need to do some cleanup on the front (especially teh center part) and get my initials on the back.

The soot and transfer method of marking up the back where the metal goes (or where the soapstone is, since you soot up the soapstone) doesn’t work so great. I’ll try using the sprues and aligning the pieces on the back and then just making dots where the center hub of the wheel is. Too bad I already removed the sprues :/

On the other hand, Khalja ordered these from Arion the Wanderer. Man, they’re gorgeous. Same idea, personal “hey, you’re awesome” tokens. But kind of blow mine out of the water. *shrug* Aah well. That’s Khalja. 🙂


It’s time to consider my next warmup project before I attempt that boar for the pig next year. I’m thinking about those rings that Tami suggested. I’ll have to track down their description again. I ordered some pewter with a little copper in it, so it’ll bend ok. We’ll see how it goes.