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As remarked previously, just cleaned em up a little and cast a handful to use as throwing catherine’s wheels. You know, the Irish Ninja. …


I mean, I cleaned them up a little and added a little decoration to the surface. Then I cast three and tacked them down to my project bag, so I have them on my bandolier whenever I need them.

This really scratches one of my itches- there’s a solidity about handing someone a “thing,” there’s a generosity in handing someone some bling, and then it helps them frame a story. They take it home and someone says “Hey that’s cool, where’d you get that?” and … “Oh, this ole thing? Some guy thought my story was awesome and well-researched, so he gave me a St Catherine Pilgrim Badge.” “Eulalia thought my pasties were tasties, and totally the most appropriate food at the potluck, and so she gave me this token.” And it gives them something concrete to remember the moment in. This enhances, to an extent, what I’m trying to be better about – which is telling someone when they rock.

What you’re looking at are pewter cast in sandstone, catherine’s wheels. I decided on these shapes, because honestly- when I google “st catherine pilgrim badges” I get shapes I don’t feel comfortable carving. Yet. Example: http://www.billyandcharlie.com/signa.html . Although this one is closer (note 8 spokes rahter than 6) and if I had seen it before hand I might have used this one as a model. http://www.flickr.com/photos/s1ng0/6244158595/

I’m still trying to decide whether to add a loop for a jump ring. In my mind, this is unnecessary- there’s holes all through the thing. But I might.

So in theory, here’s how this will work for me. I’ll see someone doing something awesome, something researched and appropriate, and I’ll cut one off and give it to them. I might tell them the story of St Catherine, depending on how much time we have and how into it they seem. Then they take it, and .. I don’t care what they do with it. Lose it, throw it on the midden, melt it down, staple it to their forehead, give it to a friend. The important thing is that I’m recognizing their inherent awesome.

these get bent into finger rings

these get bent into finger rings

Likely next pewtercasting project: little rings like these, suggested by Brigitta/Tami, as stuff to give the B&B for largesse. Tami suggests no wider than half an inch, and of course, just ring length, so squeezing a little dragon head in there might prove tricky.