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Oh boy oh boy oh boy, a new pewter casting post. I bet you’re excited, Conchobhar.

Here’s the thing. You’re going to learn a lot.

As you recall, the goal looks like this: NOTE These are not mine, they’re Kirstin O’Brien’s.

these get bent into finger rings

these get bent into finger rings

And here’s some progress pictures for mine:

First off, if you’re going to pour a test run like this is, don’t bother with the register pins. Now I need to take them out. Why? Because the mold is too deep. It needs to be about 2/3 as deep as it is currently, and if you look at the front of the cast (Is that in the photo? I don’t recall) (Secondly) it definitely needs to be sanded better (more finely). So, since I have to adjust the depth of the mold by sanding it down, the register pins will no longer match the depth.

Ok, Third. Pal, don’t put the spue on the corner like that. Sure, the rock was very narrow there and that made it easy to carve the spue but now you have to focus when you’re cutting it off. That’s not so great. Put it in the center. And that’ll let you have a larger funnel, this funnel is too small.

Fourth. One one hand, the narrowness of the walls around the mold were worrisome, but on the other hand, there was less stone to cool down the pewter as you cast it into the mold. Interesting trade-off. I think you want more around the outside than you have here, but not as much as that hammer cast.

Huh. Ok, for now, that’s enough. Go fix your mold.