I’ve been making fulled wool satchels for the family. That was last year’s goal- make one for each of the girls and one for myself as “project sacks” that we could use to carry our stuff around an event, that won’t stand out in a crowd.

In my mind, I had the image from one of the older books referenced in Irish History- it has some Irish Scribes and then clearly visible in the scene is a row of wooden pegs on the wall, and hanging from these pegs are satchels, each holding a book. Where we have shelves, they had sacks and pegs.

Anyway, it’s kind of also been on my mind to recreate them in leather, because, hey wouldn’t that be neat? A leather haversack? (Keep it of reach of the dog, right?)

Looks like I was beaten to the project (still on my list though). Here’s a fantastic example. They even used a roe deer hide to make the sack and strap. Note that they discovered through putting it together that it was upside down, and that it was a -general use- bag and not a haversack for books.

Early Historic Scotland Leather Satchels

Here’s a post about its showing:


Keep an eye out for dimensions and pattern, eh? (though the pattern looks very like the one I use)