Over on the Facebook SCA Bardic Arts, they presented a challenge- to write a “Ballade (forme-fixe)” Which is a 13/14th century creation, of a fairly troublesome rhyme scheme. It took SO MANY rhymes- 30 lines with 3 different endings?! Egads. 🙂 Almost Irish.

This was my response. Note that I kept the irish connection of the first word and the last word.

Raven eye blinks in the bright lit dawn
Sentry at a ford where awaits a Hound
Brother arrived, Connacht Queen’s pawn.
Hot blooded one comes from the mound
Twin oak thewed youths meet, fire-crowned.
Ferdiad to refute spurious claim of craven
And seek entrance to Findebair’s mound.
Yet one must remain to feed the raven.

Sharp words are cast, ash spears are drawn
Fierce Iron blades where linen is wound
Flicker against shields, and slice blood-filled yawns.
Night falls, hard-fought battle breaths resound
Flame-trees agree to a truce and run aground
To share a cook and a healing maven.
Brutal sunshine renewing for another round
Yet one must remain to feed the raven.

Cuchulain must defeat Mabh’s Pawn
Ferdiad must fight Ulster’s Hound.
Sworn brothers must prove their brawn
Sword-clatter must hills-resound
Battle weary, yet their swords still pound
Shields into which splinters are shaven.
Before they’re done, blood will blanket ground
Yet one must remain to feed the raven.

Cuchulain, the gae bolg has been found.
In mighty Ferdiad it has a safe haven
Release your lament and your death sound.
Yet one must remain to feed the raven.

Challenge: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bardicarts/permalink/448571605276591/?stream_ref=3