Rushing river water, muddy-scented spring
Three wet cloaked men choosing damp black stone
Search for heliotrope in the Mugnone.
Caladrino wants a magic ring
Was that Buffalmaco encouraging
Him to fill his sack and let fly a groan?
Then Bruno’s shout: “you have found the bloodstone!”
They use their river rocks to fill their sling.

Thanks to Bruno and Buffalmaco’s lies
Convinced him heliotrope would conceal
His foolish presence from all prying eyes
Invisibility held all appeal.
Stealth and secrecy, fell short of his prize.
Gullible fool driven by stones to kneel.

Vaguely an Italian Sonnet. Rhyme scheme, anyway. Not some of my bestest work, pretty rough around the edges. I don’t think a sonnet is a good medium for story-telling. This story, btw, is one of the Decameron (14th C Italian) stories, where B and B convince C that the heliotrope (bloodstone), which can be acquired in the river Mugnone, confers invisibility. He doesn’t want to keep picking them out, so he collects all the rocks he can carry. Eventually B and B decide they’ve been out long enough and say they can’t see him. And then all the way home they happen to pelt him with rocks.