Grand Thing happened again this week.

2014-05-25 13.53.36
For the past few years, our household (Sma-Mjolk) has roasted a pig and put out a potluck. Last year we started kicking around the idea of a “pewter pig token” that, when purchased, could send the owner to the front of the line. (One of the things about this event is that we don’t turn anyone away, and will take all potluck offerings, so one year we wound up with a half a bag of chips). This token, it was figured, could help us recoup some of the expenses. Further, if we happened to turn a profit, we could donate the overage to the Kingdom Crown fund.

So, I got to work carving out some boar heads. I was using Dafne’s Raven site token from some event I don’t recall as a gauge, since most of the time my molds are tood deep. This mold came out pretty well; this is the mold with the metal in the head part, while I’m adding the crown.

2014-05-20 07.01.49
Here’s a bunch of the finished versions; they didn’t cast right. I wound up, after casting the 50 I promised Svava, taking the mold to Dafne. She (and Conchobar-the-harpist) suggested a bigger sprue and some wizardry with one side of the mold so the pewter would flow better.