I’ve been thinking about making pewter populace badges.

Really, it started with someone asking about the Three Mountains populace badge. Which, as it turns out, is in the customary:

2) Three Mountains, Barony of (Baronial Badges). In period these would have been used by
the Baron to mark possessions, retainers and so forth. In Current Middle Ages practice, these
badges may be used, displayed and worn by current Champions, Sergeancy, and Citizenry of
the Barony in order to indicate affiliation with the Barony.
A) Badge: Argent, three triangles in bend azure. Badge registered 9/94
B) Badge: Azure, three triangles in bend argent. Badge registered 9/94
C) Unofficial Badge: Per fess a dancetty of three Argent and Azure

So this is pretty simple; I could carve a shield shape, do a diagonal slash, and add the triangles. It occurs to me that if I got the porcelian paints I could do plain, white on blue and blue on white. That might be fun, right?

Heather Morgan-Leist made these: http://www.morgandonner.com/2013/09/coloring-pewter/ (scroll down)

They’re about the size of a quarter. Dang, huh?

Anne Marie Rousseau shared this page, look at all these different options:

Some horse riders might like the holes in the top (which is what I had in mind), but I really like the ability to sew them all down that Heather shows here. Maybe I should do five circles.

Well, maybe do these easy ones and then try a harder one- barony of dragon’s mist populace badge has that dragon head sticking out of a cloud. And I think the populace badge for Stromgard is the seahorse thing.