I always need a goal when I’m practicing, and I was mulling over our three baronies: Stromgard, Three Mountains, and Dragon’s Mist. Our three baronies have signed a mutual assistance pact. Populace Badges would be interesting, and in particular the Three Mountains one is easy to draw (three triangles in a diagonal, blue on white or white on blue). As it turns out, I’d need those bake-on paints as well. I thought the Stromgard populace badge was a seahorse but it turns out it’s a red trident. Which is also fairly easy to draw. Lastly, the Dragon’s Mist one is a (sigh) dragon head sticking out of a cloud. Harder to draw. Black and white (not sure which on which). So I need blue, black, red, white. And three little badge shapes.

Morgan Donner made some similar ones, but she made blank shield shapes and then painted blazons on them for specific people. Hers were, inspiringly, the size of a quarter, and had rings on the sides for sewing or maybe making a chain from. I think that’d be really neat, to make a chain of these. Also, someone mentioned adding a ring on the top center for use as horse harness.

My plan is to make three little molds and paint the castings from those.

Oh, you’re a doofus, you already posted about this here.

Update 2014-06-30: the back of the mold broke. There was a fault line and it just broke off. Dafne suggests glueing it together with plumber’s epoxy. Gonna give that a try.