Elashava Bas Riva from ‎The Kingdom of Northshield challenges you to:

  1. Volunteer at 1 event or more (this can be a big job or just working Gate or washing dishes or being a royalty room guard or retainer)
  2. Start a new project and finish it
  3. Teach a class (either at an event or in your local group)
  4. Write at least one award recommendation
  5. Display something that you have made (whether in a competition or just at an A&S display)
  6. Pay it forward by making something for someone else and giving it to them just cuz
  7. Offer a ride, a meal, or some time to a newcomer to help them find their way in the SCA
  8. Bring some kind of small token (a bead, a piece of ribbon, something you’ve made–doesn’t have to be much or very fancy) to an event and give them out when you see an act of kindness or chivalry.
  9. Write something for your group’s newsletter (or the Northwatch) or even just for the Northshield e-list and FB group. This can be a how-to, a book review, an event chronicle, or something you really like about the SCA.
  10. Update your profile on the Northshield website (including adding events you plan on attending)
  11. Finish a project that you have meant to finish for a long time.
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