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  • Who made the thing (people)?
    These are recreations of Roman toys.
  • What is it?
    It’s a little wheeled pony.
  • Where was it made?
    This was found in the Roman Period in Egypt, after 30 BC.
  • Why was it made?
    In period: entertainment. In this project: largesse.
  • When was it made?
    After 30 BC during “Roman Egypt”
  • How was it made? (tools, techniques, etc)

Your item:

  • How did your creation differ?
    I’m using power tools. I’m using some left over wood from a project and it may not match the type of wood actually used (which is not in the museum listing).
  • What would you do different next time?
    Whoa, this wood is not pine and is very hard to cut.
  • Anything else you’d like to tell us?
    Made for the Gross (dozen dozen) challenge. Not sure I’ll get 12 done though.

Bibliography or source?

One place to order the pigments for roman paints might have been here: