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We were discussing prizes for Bards, and largesse for Bards somewhere about a year ago. Probably facebook. But as I said, it was a while ago. And then shortly afterwards, I was at Barnes and Noble and they had a great deal on these 8×11 (landscape) notebooks with music paper inside. But the cover is *ugh* so very modern.

I bought two and they sat on top of my fridge (where I hide all the sekrit stuff I make plans for, whether it’s halloween candy or it’s fabric), for about six months, then moved out to the shop. I’ve been mulling over how to create a cover for them. Finally, I broke down, used a shopping bag, made a mock up of a rectangle (about 10×30), and cut out some leather pieces to do the covers. I’m about half done. I’m planning to donate one as largesse, and give the other as one of my artisan pay-it-forward 2014 things.

2014-10-11 14.12.43Hmm, not exactly what I was looking for. My stitches are uneven – the holes aren’t healing up on the pale one (the leather’s treated differently). All in all, these are not-so-great. Good practice though. Perhaps do-over, using the dark brown and the blanket stitch? The blanket looks alright.
But then I found this cool link, and she did hers with fabric. But it’s a totally appropriate thing to do! (I guess)