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Some research I did suggested that a good size for “pewter buttons” would be 7/16″. I wasn’t quite prepared for how tiny that actually is.2015-02-24 07.00.11

This is my first attempt with a three part mold. My intention is to make little buttons to give away, in particular to bards stepping up as laurels. So I’m also looking for a medieval symbol for music- though I may just try to do a teeny tiny little lyre.

That spark thing is pretty cool though. And a treble clef might be recognizable but I don’t think it’s quite appropriate. Maybe a little eighth note?

Kirsten O’Brien says:

Well, small buttons means small button – holes means less sewing and smaller weak points in garb. I bet you can get a zillion of them out of a pound of pewter, too. If you don’t already, I highly recommend tumbling them with stainless steel shot so they don’t cut the threads they’re sewn on with