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Neat article on colors for Medieval Scandinavia. Interesting to compare against the bright leine that was probably undyed.


Lisa Theriot Irish is odd when it comes to colors. The usage of words to indicate the ROYGBIV colors is modern; the words in the range of green/gray/blue were not the tincture, but the shade. Gorm is dark, glas is pastel, liáth is gray, but only for hair, uáine is verdant green like grass. Derg is red like blood and flame, but also like gold and ale. And passion. Ruad is red like hair, and liked spilt/dried blood, dark and brownish. Bán is white, fair, pure, but gel is shining, blinding white and silver. That’s why it’s so hard to translate any statement about color into a language where there is one word for the absolute color which is then modified to identify the shade.