Yesterday my friend Eulalia was called up to court. Which is extra-funny because we were laughing about something, and she almost missed her call … her call to be inducted into the Laurel order. Which has been one thing she’s been working for. And she got up to the King and Queen, and was crying so hard all she could say was “it’s Conchobar’s fault.”

Well, then – then I was called up into court. We’ll leave how Duchess Miranda couldn’t pronounce Muirchertach alone (she asked me how to pronounce it, and I said “I don’t know!” and she laughed). As I’m kneeling in front of the Queen (Dalla, who inspired Savaric), and listening to the Herald reading off the wording, I must have been making some weird faces. She said “your eyebrows are telling an interesting story” … and then I twigged to the actual award- they were giving me a Sable Chime.

But all the words in the reading were for “music” —

Created by Queen Mahliqa, it is bestowed for excellence in musical display. To be given by the Crown for a specific excellent and/or inspirational performance, or continuing performance throughout the Kingdom.

But it’s a nice bardic award for “continuing bard stuff over time-” which I suppose I’ve been doing. Many people have come forward with nice words about it. Kind of neat!