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Round 1: https://conchoblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/pig-tokens/

This is the tenth year of the Grand Thing, and the fiftieth year of the SCA. Of course we roasted a pig!

I did the pig tokens again.

My inspiration this year was this cool little brooch:

Torfin has a great bronze example.

I started this work, and then finished the mold at Fair in the Grove. For the most part I used my screwdriver and my probe and also the bead-reamer with a few of the heads. I think it came out very well!

2015-05-10 10.27.50 When I was casting them to try them out, I was melting the pewter over the fire (real live fire!) as part of the Demo. Some people were really excited to see me doing it. 2015-05-02 12.39.17

I cast about 100 of them, trimmed them with my dykes and painted a few for “family tokens.” Miss K was impressed but thought it would be really neat if each one was a little different. Honestly, that kid’s a little unclear on the concept of Mass production. Overall the pig cast great but after the first ten or so, I was having flash issues around the butt end of the pig. Not sure how to overcome that. It had to do with the heat of the stone I think, and maybe there was a very slight irregularity over on that end. I spent more time on the body than on the face or the hind though.

2015-05-10 11.17.08

To start up, the stone is cold, and you get a weird half-pig effect. I really liked this.