These horses are fricking beautiful.


Here’s a picture:

And while I feel bad for using his shape (look at that beautiful curve), those pictures are from 2008, and his site is offline.

Of course they need some paint and they need some finish. I’m inclined to just use acrylics again, though the milk paint on the other site is just beautiful. However, trying to keep costs down right now. So, looking to paint these and give them up for largesse.

I started with a 1×8 8′ cedar board from Home Depot. I cut it in half, so these guys are from a 7.5″ width board, each about 4 feet long from foot to ear. One side of the cedar board needs some serious sanding, because it’s very rough.

I’ll update with finished photos. This project was much easier (and faster) than the roman pwnies.

Next time, might be neat to be inspired by something like this. Or the Lion of st Mark.

Dropped one on its head and the ear snapped off. Brigitta suggested I glue it back on with the gorilla glue I used for the roman pwnies. Did that, and secured it with masking tape while it cured. Gorilla glue expands while it cures. So in the morning I had a bunch of sanding to do.

Also painted (designs only on one side).

Going to donate them to Dragons Mist for largesse. Dropping them off at Finn’s house this week.


From IrishArchaeology.IE's facebook page

From IrishArchaeology.IE’s facebook page