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Well, that was new and exciting.


I’m on the left next to … someone in red dress with blue sleeves right behind the deep-voiced gentleman in the long coat. Yeah you can’t see me just because I’m hiding, but I promise you, I was there.

I sang in the An Tir Ensemble this year at 12th night. It was completely new, and I have to thank Rae Sidlaukas for helping me with the songs that I did sing. I sang Viva Musica, Hey Ho to the Greenwood and Jubilate Deo. And kind of bumbled along to a fourth song that was mostly Alleluia.

This was kind of a big deal to me. I swore that I’d never sing in public. And yet, here I was, singing like a loon. It’s part of my goal to not be a one-trick-pony.  For practice, I drove to Corvallis to meet with Rae (and Brian) and then did a lot of singing in the car along with the MP3s. I still cannot read music and translate it to notes, but I might be able to hit the music with a pitch in the beginning, and follow along the sheet. But the three songs I sang, I did without music. Which is sort of important to me because of the whole storyteller thing.