Renart is up for vigil to be recognized as a Pelican. And it seems like a good idea to write some poetry… I went with this seadna form, like the Mouse one (search for mouse). But with the lines being 8 / 7 syllables, it was harder to actually say something meaty. Here’s what I’ve got for a first pass but I’ll be trying again with some of the same ideas but a different format.

Art from his hand gilds our land
Longhand letters fly as birds
On his breath floats golden bark
Monarch wings keep truer words.

Wise host, Kingdom feast steward
An Tir’s Goibniu, filling the halls
No brawls, just songs, food, and wine
Sheltering us behind strong walls.

Cheese-maker, bread-baker, pieman.
Giving his culinary art.
Joyful service with a smile.
He feeds the crowds. Our Renart.