Conchobar Mac Muirchertaig needs a few more levels.

Quoth Lisa Theroit:

Circa 1100, you would be at the very beginning of the family groups that we recognize as clans. A well-born Irishman would know his lineage back several generations, but would not likely include a clan designator in his name. For example, there was a man recorded in 1120 as Donnchadh Dond mac Con Mara mic Brodcon mic Mathgamhna mic Cein, Donnchadh the Brown, son of Cu Mara, son of Brodcon, son of Mathgamain, son of Cian. He knows the names back to his great-great-grandfather, but there’s nothing like a clan name or what you’d think of as a surname. Not for centuries.

So I should know my lineage back to great-great-grandfather. Let’s get use to a grandfather for now, and let’s get him in the general area.

Conchobar Mac Muirchertach Ua Dailaig for now.

Actually, this would enable me to claim to be part of one of the poetic families. Which now requires that I go find that source that listed poetic families 🙂

Ua Dalaig? (O’Daley) of Westmeath? Which is about halfway between Galway and Dublin, bordering Athlone. Where a bridge was built by Turlough Mor O’Connor in the 12th century over the Shannon river. Hmm.