I didn’t enter the StormMaker challenge this year. I would have been hopelessly outclassed, but Hlutwige encouraged me to anyway. But I’ve promised to enter next year’s competition.   Tulia is also “considering” entering.

This year’s competitors were Marya, Carith, Malek, and someone I don’t know. Carith won with some game boards (I think everything she made and brought was game boards 🙂 ).

It was interesting that last year I mentioned to Hlutwige that it seemed weighted toward cooks, and this year there was a guitar, a bodhran, and a recorder on the tool table as well.

There are three takeaways, however, that I’ve taken away this year. First, and most importantly; I need to chew my food better. I almost choked on a piece of bread, just like at Carnevale. So more chewing, more water.

Second, I’ve got a bad case of RBF.

Third; nobody’s going to read my mind. If I want to be known as a story-teller, I need to tell stories. I’m not going to go from camp to camp or table to table offering a story. I need to “advertise.” And the best way to do that is to enter goldang competitions. Bard competitions, Arts and Sciences competitions with bardic entries. Think of it like the fighters’ circuit- they go around improving themselves and proving themselves.

Really, it’s either that, or change what I want out of life. If I want to be known as a guy who can tell stories and entertain, then I need to tell stories and entertain. If I don’t do that, then I’ll be disappointed.